Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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    • What is the primary goal of Committable?

      Committable focuses on helping developers monetize their contributions to open-source software (OSS) with the core goal to grow and sustain the OSS ecosystem.

    • Why are most OSS projects inactive?

      Over 99% of OSS projects are inactive due to challenges like lack of developers’ remuneration, leading to project disengagement and ineffective project hand-offs.

    • How does Committable differentiate from other platforms?

      Committable is a decentralized open-source protocol built on trusted software analysis technology. It transforms commits into COMMIT assets and ensures a secure tokenization process and certified developer identity.

    • What is a meta commit?

      A meta commit is a computational proof and permanent digital signature generated by Committable from a commit hash, capturing key information about a developer's contribution.

    • How can developers showcase their contributions using Committable?

      Developers can embed their project-specific metadata into a COMMIT NFT and list it on marketplaces, serving as a digital identity asset that links to their GitHub account and wallet.

    • What benefits do COMMIT buyers receive?

      COMMIT buyers gain ownership of contributions, earn development bounties, claim community rewards from the mining pool, and become part of an innovative community.

    • How can one support the growth of the Committable ecosystem?

      Sponsors can donate to promising projects in the Committable ecosystem, sponsor key development events, and have a say in the governance of the ecosystem through awarded governance tokens.

    • What is Committable's vision for the open-source economy?

      Committable aims to establish a self-sustained decentralized open-source economy where all stakeholders contribute to projects for valuable returns such as ownership, earnings, and credibility.

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