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Creating a decentralized open-source protocol for all softwareand developers Join and explore the world of Committable


Native NFT for software assets


Konwledge of commits viatrusted
software abalysis


Decision-making processes via DAO


Develpoment royalty for all

What's possible with Committable?


COMMIT(Native NFT on Committable)

CMT is the native non-fungible token (NFT) on Committable, minted out of a commit in anopen-source software project.

Proof of participation and contribution
Crypto-asset to claim oss payment
Software collectibles as generative arts

Commit to Earn (Payroll)

Code contribution evaluation through PSR algorithm for fair distribution

P refers to the problem solved by the commit, i.e. the requirement
S refers to the solution proposed by the commit.
R refers to the potential risks introduced by the commit

Committable Blog

October / 29
Announcing the Early-Bird Commit Program, Wave I
We plan to launch the Early-Bird Commit Program for the Committable platform. DApp developers can explore this exciting decentralized open-source world via creating and…
October / 29
Keynote speech at EDCON 2021
Everything can be turned into NFTs nowadays. When it comes to software products or even requirement documents, the process of tokenization could go beyond…
October / 29
First Prize in ETH Rebase Hackathon 2021
An ETH Hackathon is organized in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen by Rebase community from 14, May 2021 to 16, May 2021. The…