The Decentralized

Identity for Web3


Contribute to the Web3 ecosystem with verifiable profiles

Committable aims at creating a novel ecosystem for open-source software where all development contributions are verifiable and identifiable by the community.
Innovating the Future of Web3

Web3 stakeholders are still struggling to efficently scale their projects and meet their goals and needs.

On one hand, web3 projects are unable to meet development KPIs in a timely manner, due to insufficient qualified workforce.

On another hand, web3 developers are not always hired based on their specific skillset and fortés, leading to unuse expertise, and at times unfair compensation.

Committable introduces its protocol to address such industry problems and beyond.

Our core technology enables us to run in-depth analysis on developers contribution, leveraging their existing decentralized identity (DID), while securely and fairly generating their verifiable profiles, which can be used in the industry for better recognition, compensation and professional growth.

Committable, is the first Web3 spin-off of the University College Oxford Blockchain Research Center, founded on the basis of innovative, world-class sicentific and technological research.

Our Core Functionalities

Our current protocol features four initial core functions on the Sepolia testnet, to allow developers and other community stakeholders to showcase or support open-source contributions. These functions, connecting via GitHub, analyzing via minting a COMMIT, collaborating via sponsoring a pull-request and sharing a profile, will serve as a pillar to our future tokeneconomics.

Login with your GitHub identity and your web3.0 wallet.

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