Decentralized Open-Source Protocol for
Web3 Ecosystem

Committable helps developers build a sustainable open-source ecosystem with verifiable contribution tokens.

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An introductory walkthrough of Committable


Connect your GitHub project and wallet to Committable


Mint your contribution into COMMITs


Choose a project of your choice and donate to its pull request


Buy and sell COMMITs and become active into the Committable’s community

Mint, trade & sponsor open source contributions, with you in control

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The native NFT as a proof of contribution.

Be part of a disruptive and innovative open- source community
icon depicting Developer DID

Developer DID

A decentralized identity linked to COMMITs.

Be part of the new digital identity system within the open- source ecosystem.
icon depicting Novel Open-source Economy

Novel Open-source Economy

Contribute to earn bounties and community rewards.

Be part of a novel open-source economy with verifiable contribution tokens.
icon depicting Trusted Software Analysis

Trusted Software Analysis

Verifiable analysis of software and development processes.

Be part of a community that ensures an accountable tokenization process.

Committable aims at creating a novel ecosystem for open-source software where all development contributions are verified and identifiable by the community

Mint your COMMIT

Earn bounties and community rewards

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Committable is a an open-source collaborative effort and is for open-source collaboration.

We aim to help all contributions be rewarded.

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