First Prize in ETH Rebase Hackathon 2021

An ETH Hackathon is organized in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen by Rebase community from 14, May 2021 to 16, May 2021. The topic for this Hackathon is “Build the next 5B unicorn with 500 lines of code”. We’ve shared our project for boosting collaborative development with blockchain technology in this event. We’re also honoured to receive the first prize from the Rebase community. It’s such a wonderful experience to share ideas and visions with fellow teams on what happens now and will come in the blockchain world.
About our project: Committable
The committable platform is an NFT ecosystem for the open-source community, aiming at joint growth and openness between global developers and open-source projects. With our innovative Transparency Centre technology, the committable platform could help mint NFTs from source code in a fair and accountable way, and also provide developers incentives to continuously contribute valuable code to a project.