The decentralised open-source protocol for Web3

Update : November 15, 2021​

General Introduction

Committable is the next-generation decentralized open-source protocol for all software and developers. It is developed by a team of world-leading computer scientists and crypto experts. The general mission of Committable is to establish a sustainable open-source ecosystem where all contributors and projects can support themselves. To this end, Committable introduces a protocol to systematically transform full-lifecycle commits on software artifacts, e.g., specification, makefile, code, testcase etc., into the CMT assets (i.e., the native non-fungible token on Committable). The tokenization is secure, unbiased, and accountable based on many-year’s research works on trusted software analysis. In this sense, CMT is far more than a commit hash by capturing fundamental knowledge and value of every bit in the commit. From the economic perspective, CMT is a tradable asset that provides investment opportunities and rights to obtain different forms of royalties. CMT is also a fine-grained target for donation since donators would be able to support specific developers or pieces of commits rather than only the entire project. Developers will be more incentivized to participate and contribute to open-source software in the world of Committable.
The key ingredients of Committable are trifold as below:
  • Transparency Centre, which enforces accountable tokenization and generates a meta-commit.
  • Marketplace, which provides trading services for CMT owners and investors.
  • Insight, which sets up an open impact system for CMTs to evaluate their contributions.

How Ecosystem Works

Committable Core Tech.

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