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Built on a Trusted Software Analysis

Committable is the next-generation decentralized open-source protocol for all software and developers. It is developed by a team of world-leading computer scientists and crypto experts.

Committable Key Attributions

Committable redefines the basic functionality of a commit hash by capturing the fundamental knowledge of every bit in the commit, generating a contribution’s meta-commit score, which allows for owners to be rewarded every time a block is confirmed in the network.

  • Transparency Center: Enforces accountable tokenization and generates a meta-commit.
  • Marketplace: Provides trading services for COMMIT owners and investors.
  • Insight: Sets up an open impact system for COMMITs to evaluate their contributions.

Committable Core Technology

Committable ensures (a) a secure, unbiased, and accountable tokenization process and (b) a certified developer’s identity, showcasing their past development contribution, as it is strategically built on a trusted software analysis technology e.g., automated and algorithmic workflow, verifiability with computational proof etc.

With trusted software analysis as a core technology, Committable is able to trace and securely record all stages of the life cycle of a project — from a developer’s contribution perspective. Said record is stored in a COMMIT, which can later be traded between stakeholders, showcasing all aspects of a project’s evolution, facilitating a seamless and effective work hand-off.

Committable Ecosystem

Committable is collaborating with initiatives such as Digital Civilization Conference, as well as with leading industry contributors — e.g., University College Oxford Blockchain Research Institute, ACSAC and more — to ensure the establishment of a strong and active community with industry leaders. Jointly with its partners, Committable will ensure continuous community activities to educate, exchange, engage and motivate all its participants, sustaining the OSS ecosystem in the process.