New Protocol for Open Source

Objective, fair and transparent rules-based incentive allocation

Wave Ⅱ is underway

2022/7/9 - 2022/7/31

Test users are being recruited (abbreviation: COMMIT) is a new generation of decentralized open source software protocols, dedicated to helping software become asset-based and based on objective algorithms, to help software achieve a fair and transparent way of software revenue distribution.

Committable now invites Open source developers to experience the core features of the platform, through which developers can build open source code on Github into NFT assets and achieve objective evaluation and revenue distribution of the code through the PSR algorithm.

Test period: 9 July to 31 July 2022

Test Tasks

Task A

Mint at least five COMMITs (i.e., native NFT on Committable) from an opne-source project that you have been contributing to

Task B

Claim at least one payment from any PAYROLL pool created for your project.


Test Awards

1. Potentail airdrop from Committable;
2. Potential NFT airdrop from the Digital Civilisation DAO(
3. Chances to become an ecosystem partner.

The problems we want to solve

The rapid development of global Web3, Web3 brings a new mechanism of value consensus is more and more accepted and recognized, we hope to help the open source ecology build a more effective, robust and long-term new ecology through the new mechanism of Web3. It allows developers to gain more and long-term benefits, provides scientific algorithms for open source software projects, evaluates the value of each piece of code objectively, transparently and fairly, achieves a fair distribution of benefits, and motivates more developers to participate in open source projects.

To this end we provide the following two major functions: code casting NFT, PSR incentive distribution model

Help developers make more and more money in the long run
Help open source projects scientifically evaluate code value and distribute revenue to attract more developers

Code mint COMMIT(Committable native NFT)

Connect to your Github account and mint the code of the open source project you are involved in as CMMIT (NFT native to the Committable platform), COMMIT includes your code, a Meta-Commit evaluation report and a report based on the parameters of your code

PSR incentive allocation model

In order to support the objective, fair and transparent rules-based allocation and incentive of open source projects, Committable has developed the following evaluation and allocation scheme based on blockchain. Committable combines years of academic research and industrial experience to develop the following evaluation and allocation scheme based on blockchain

1、PSR evaluation model.
  1) Problems: What problems are solved by Commits code, and what is the priority and value of the corresponding code?
  2) Solution: Solution, what is the solution provided by the Commits code, how is the code volume, quality and innovation degree?
  3) Risk: Risk, does the corresponding Commits code introduce new risks, or bugs?

2. Targeted incentives, combined with the PSR assessment model, can set three modes of targeted incentives.
  1) Targeted incentive for specific requirements: in order to encourage the development of specific requirements, or to reward the development of specific requirements, set this incentive, and the code associated with this requirement can receive a targeted incentive.
  2) Targeted Code Incentive: set this incentive in order to reward specific code, and code within a set range can receive the incentive.
  3) For a specific time period incentive: code developed within a set time period can receive this targeted incentive.

Steps of the Test

Step 1

Connect to your Github account

Step 2

Create/participate in Payroll

Step 3


Step 4

Look at the evaluation PSR algorithm


Committable is a new generation of decentralised open source software protocols, dedicated to solving the current pain point of lack of developer participation and contribution in open source software projects, and building a sustainable open source software ecosystem for developers worldwide. Committable is the first step towards a new open source economy centred on developers and open source projects.


Native NFT for software assets


Konwledge of commits viatrusted
software abalysis


Decision-making processes via DAO


Develpoment royalty for all

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