About Committable Wave I

Wave I of Early-Bird Commit Program sets up an exciting playground committable.io for DApp developers to experience the decentralized open-source world via creating and trading their own CMT tokens.

Activity Duration : November 15, 2021 – December 31, 2021

  • Free migration of your CMTs:
    All your minted CMTs in Wave I will be migrated to Committable for free after its official release.
  • Platform Discount:
    Participants are rewarded coupons to mint and trade CMTs later after release with a at least 40% discount.
  • CMT Dream Kudo:
    Early birds will receive dream kudos on CMT to certify their early participation in Wave I.
  • Mentorship Support:
    We set up communication platforms for early birds to receive top-tier mentorship on their projects from leading software and crypto experts.
  • Community Governance Rights:
    Early birds will be granted the rights of Committable governance.


Committable, or CMT, is a next-generation decentralized open-source protocol, which aims at addressing the key challenge of limited participation in existing open-source projects and further establishing a sustainable open-source software ecosystem for global developers. Committable is built on top of the patented Transparency Centre technology to enable accountable tokenization and trading services for all software assets across the whole lifecycle of software development. Committable is the very first step towards a new open-source economy to support the growth of both developers and software projects.


NFT for software assets


Konwledge of commits viatrusted software abalysis


Tamper-proof and verifiable code certificates


Develpoment royalty for all contributors

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please email support@committable.io